Online Reddit Shredder

This online Reddit account shredder is designed for ease of use. With this app you can wipe your whole Reddit account-overwriting your comments so they cannot be recovered-in a single click. Or, you can register for an account and set up an automatic shredding schedule. This simple WebApp is built with Django 2.0 and Bootstrap 4.0.

You must first authorize this app with Reddit. Click "Authorize the Shredder" below. You will be redirected to Reddit, after you click "allow" you will be redirected to the shredder where you can specify your preferences. You do not need to register to use the shredder, you can simply click "Authorize the Shredder," shred your account and leave.

Support for Multiple Accounts

The Online Reddit Shredder (ORS) now supports the ability to shred multiple Reddit accounts at once. Each Reddit account can have its own auto-shred schedule. You can add as many different Reddit accounts as you like.

Guaranteed Privacy

You can choose whether or not the auto shredder stores any logs for your account. If you choose to keep some of your logs, they are automatically purged every 24 hours. I can not respond to subpoenas, as there is no data to turn over.

Manually Saved Items and Karma Limits

Want to keep some of your posts? You can set a Karma threshold to limit which posts the shredder deletes. You can also use the Manual Saves page to manually pick and choose specific posts and comments you want to save.

Downloadable Version:

Don't trust me with your OAuth credentials? I also maintain a version of this script that runs in a private python environment. You will need some basic knowledge of python virtual environments and python formatting to edit the script.

Active Development:

This project is under active development and things may not work as expected. If you have any issues email me at I also accept feature requests. If you have an idea send it to me, I may add it to the app.